About Us

Like so many, I found myself in the unexpected world of infertility at the age of 31. Diagnosed with premature menopause I was not only faced with this heartbreaking reality, but also with the mammoth task of finding an egg donor. I’d always envisage myself as a mum, carrying a child and building a family with my beautiful husband, but in the blink of an eye my world came crashing down. Then, on one unexpected day our stars aligned, and we meet a gracious and generous woman who would provide us with the ultimate gift. While gifts could never fully demonstrate the gratitude we felt, I wanted to give her something that would not only demonstrate our love for her but would also support her through the IVF journey she would now endure for us.... so we sent her an enormous care package.

What resulted in the weeks, months and years to follow was not only the start of Open When Hamper Co. but also a wonderful relationship and a beautiful baby girl named Zoe.

Thank you to the beautiful Erin, we can’t thank you enough for the eternal gift you have given us.

To those who purchase from us, we thank you for your support.

Much love,  

Georgi, Paul & Zoe.


Oates Family